We provide turn key project delivery , support and consulting.

Motion, Optomechanics and Electronic packaging
are part of our expertise .


eveloping and building rotational and linear systems:
Simulators ,Positioners, Pedestals (pan & tilt/roll) for the toughest environmental conditions and heavy pay loads.

Linear drives and slides.
Calculating pay loads and environmental effects.

Definition and implementation of motors, gears ,control and feedbeack / limit / homing sensors.

HMI programming
Developing testing equipment for measuring up to 36sec (0.01°) .


Developing coold and uncooled cameras,optical benches including integrating mirrors, day and IR sensors , lenses , LRF pointers ,and PCBS.

Developing Extra fine mechanisms for boresight calibration between different channels, and mechanisms for line ccd alignment.


Pcb layout and stack up design ,in collaboration with the PCB editor.

Packaging hardware into standard U cases, or developing customize packaging according to the Customer specification with an emphasis on the heat evacuation, serviceability and cost.

Routing – connectors and cable design ,especially in a tight volumes.


Development of medical equipment in cooperation with therapists and nurses from various medical institutions, in order to find ways to facilitate patients and caregivers.


On going support for engineering departments.
PDM Work Group implementation.
Characterization of repeating parameters and creating design tables for auto updating .